Med Duty Combo

Vulcan V-30 Medium Duty Wrecker: Tall Body Ser.#3014-0535-B15

12,000# Underlift with 3 Sets of Forks, Spring Forks, 2 sets of Risers, Spring Forms, 32,000# Boom, 2 15,000# Planetary (Air Free Spool Release) Winches with Cables, All Standard Features, 138″ CA Package, Heavy Duty Light Pylon, Underlift Remote Control, 2 Eight Ton Snatch Blocks, Tow Ball/5th Wheel Attachment, Rear Stiff Legs, 2 Hot Boxes with Cables, Hot Shift P.T.O., Air Hoses, Dollies with Dolly Bunks, Vulcan Car Scoops, 2 Ten Ft 1/2″ Chains, Axle Chain with Chain Binder, Right Hand Controls, 14 Function Remote Control, Endless Loop Package, Chain Package, Painted Black and White.

Lights: Whelen Freedom (Clear/Tall/LED) Light Bar with Built In Arrow Stick, 2 Mini Freedom Light Bars, 2 Pair of Work Lights, 12 Additional Marker Lights, In Dash Switch Panel Truck Light Bar & Cord, Drag Lights.

Additional Equpment Mounted: Broom, Shovel, Aluminum Jack, 2 Gas & Trash Cans, Water, 4×4’s, 4×6, 1st Aid Kit, Bolt Cutters, Pry Bar, Ax/Sledge, 6 Cones, 3 Ball Kit, Triangle Kit & Fire Extinguisher.

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2004 GMC 3500

205089 miles, 6.0 gas auto trans, enclosed utility bed.

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Chevron Conventional 20 Series Alum. (4-car)

Standard Features: (4) Front Chain Locks, (4) Middle Chain Locks, Dual Controls, Hydraulic 4,000 Lb. Wheel Lift, Drop-In L.Arms, (2) Safety Straps & (2) Ratchets, Hydraulic Cab Carrier with 8,000 lb. Winch with Air Free Spool, (2) Deck Mounted 8,000 Lb. Low Profile Winches with Cable Tensioners and Air Free Spool on Main Deck, Federal Standard 108 Lighting, Shock Mounted Lighting, Direct Mount Pump, Back Up Alarm, (2) Front Safety Chains, 102″ Wide Body, Mud Flaps, LED Lights, Full Length Subframe, Dual Lift Cylinders, One Extension Cylinder, Bed Anti Tilt Featur, Positive Lock Down System, Aluminum Deck with Raised Bi-Hollow Sides, (4) Rear Approach Plate Chain Locks.

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2019 Chevy Crew Cab 4×4 6.6 Duramax c5500

Tow Bed Manufacturer: Century Daytona
Tow Body Type: Wheel Lift / Wrecker
Tow Bed Composition: Steel
Wrecker Ton Rating: 12 Ton
Wrecker Boom Type: Conventional Boom
Wrecker Boom Stages: 2-Stage

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